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E-Writer is your best source for up-to-date information on the foremost topics that impact your life and the world.

E-Writer was founded in the beautiful Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon. A close-knit group of aspiring journalists and creative-writing academics came together to create an online community of like-minded writers within the local PNW community. What started as a small but passionate writing collective slowly grew into an online publication serving and educating a now-nationwide audience on subjects that are uniquely important. We are now a leading resource for all things related to culture and human interest, as well as business and work life. We offer curated information and advice on a wide range of topics.

What makes us unique? Meet our team.

Editor in Chief

Grace Clair is the editor-in-chief of E-Writer. She is a life-long writer and journalist with a prolific history of newspaper editing and reporting.

Creative Editor

Miranda Howell is the creative editor for E-Writer. Her passion for creative writing led her to pursue a degree in journalism.

Senior Staff Editor

Alejandro Mullins is senior staff editor of E-Writer. He is an award-winning reporter with a Bachelor of Science in Education and a Master of Arts in Creative Writing from UCLA.

Assistant Editor

Josefina Richards is the assistant editor for E-Writer. She is a graduate of San Diego State University, where she pursued a bachelor of arts degree in creative writing.

Staff Writer

Jerome Greene is a staff writer for E-Writer. He pursued journalism after writing for his college newspaper at University of Michigan, where he was a dedicated founder of the Black Student Union

Staff Writer

Kevin Ferguson is a staff writer with E-Writer. He has a double undergraduate degree in business and journalism from Howard University, and then went…

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