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How to Beat the Cali Heat This Summer

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As calm and cool as the people in Cali can be, the weather doesn’t always match the locals’ personality. With moderate temperatures in the winter months, you see a definite spike during the summer that can leave you and your loved ones feeling pretty toasty. If you’re visiting, you’ve got to think smart in order to beat the heat. No one wants to feel like a shriveled flower during his or her California adventure. Here’s how you and your loved ones can see all of the sights while staying cool, comfortable, and collected.



Accessorize your stroller to keep your kid cool.

Disneyland is the Californian Mecca of family fun. Your family will love riding the teacups and getting a fright on the original Haunted Mansion. However, the weather can make what should be an excellent day quite miserable if you’re not prepared. When Disneyland opened in 1955, the temperatures reached over a hundred degrees, melting the asphalt, and trapping stylish women’s high heels. Thankfully, the Disney Corporation has learned a lot since the ’50s and fixed those hiccups; however, that doesn’t change the seasonal weather.

Thankfully, there are ways to keep your kiddos safe and cool. Heatstroke disproportionately affects children, because kids don’t sweat as much as adults. Also, children aren’t necessarily able to tell you when they’re getting overheated, so you have to be very diligent about checking in. A key item in keeping your kiddo cool is a stroller fan. For advice on the best-reviewed stroller fans, check out Stroller Buzz. They’ll know exactly what model of fan you need to keep your little one healthy while the two of you wait in line for a Dole Whip.



Look and feel cool in that new two-piece bathing suit.

One of the best ways to cool off in California during the summer is to head to Laguna Beach. If you bought a new bathing suit before quarantine, you might be feeling a little self-conscious after gaining some extra weight due to the stress of the pandemic. You certainly aren’t alone. Don’t ditch the suit you love, just encourage yourself to be the version of you that you want to be. Self-encouragement is really helpful, but finding others to hold you accountable to your weight loss journey can cause sustainable change.

A weight loss clinic in Redwood City like JumpstartMD can give you the support and strategies you need to achieve lasting weight loss thanks to medical professionals and nutrition experts who want to help you succeed. You can visit JumpstartMD in person in Redwood City at 595 Price Avenue, Second Floor Redwood City, CA 94063. If you’d like to discuss your options more in-depth prior to your visit, you can call their offices ahead at 650-701-1460. Take Laguna Beach by storm in your yellow polka dot bikini.



Drink up!

Although it might be tempting to drink cocktails and live your best life while on vacation, in the heat it’s super important to stay hydrated. This is especially true if you’re visiting one of California’s most famous parks, Death Valley National Park. This location saw the hottest recorded month on Earth ever recorded two Julys in a row! With days getting up to 127 degrees Fahrenheit, it can be really difficult to know just how much water you need to be replenishing your body with. The Hidrate Spark is a smart water bottle that uses information like your height, weight, location, and temperature to let you know how much water you should be consuming and when. Your Hidrate Spark will even light up, reminding you that it’s time to take a much-needed drink. It’s a simple solution to summer dehydration.

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