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3 Ways To Increase Workplace Safety

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Workplace safety is about much more than wearing a hard hat in a construction zone or having a fire extinguisher in the office. Indeed those are two factors that are must-haves for safety in the workplace. However, to truly keep your workplace and your employees safe, you’ll need to take additional steps.

If you notice that your business has higher safety infractions or work-related injuries or accidents, then your business needs to take a closer look at its safety measures. Not to mention, safety doesn’t stop with only physical safety standards, like fire extinguishers and hard hats. Modern companies need to consider their digital presence and cyber threats as well. In today’s world, cyber threats can become physical threats quickly.

So, it’s imperative to have your company and your employees protected to keep your business running smoothly and your people comfortable and productive. Today, we’ll explore three ways you can increase workplace safety in your industry.

1. Threat Management Software


To start with cybersecurity for your business, you need threat management software. Put simply, threat management is a process designed to prevent cyberattacks, detect potential cyber threats, and respond to cybersecurity incidents. Having threat management software will automate your business’s cybersecurity process to accurately and quickly react to potential digital threats or attacks. In addition, these software programs constantly evolve to combat new cyber threats that spring up every day.

For example, Life Raft provides several cybersecurity solutions, including their new threat management feature for their flagship cybersecurity platform, Navigator. This new feature, called Dossiers, will consolidate potential threat detection, collection, and continuous management of these threats, events, or entities. In addition, the element creates a profile for these threat actors to achieve a more straightforward, simplified threat management system.

Your company can protect its investments and business with quality threat management software. In addition, by addressing potential online threats, you protect your employees from data leaks and physical hazards.

2. Electronic Access Control


Electronic access controls allow businesses to have more control over access to their brick-and-mortar establishments. These electronic locks are not simple keypad-controlled door locks. Electronic access control systems not only electronically secure your facility but also include software that integrates into your company’s security programs.

This software allows business owners to monitor who enters the building or various rooms within the facility and when. As a result, you can prevent unauthorized personnel or potential trespassers from accessing your building or specific rooms within. In addition, this system will reduce theft and make the investigation process more manageable when theft occurs.

For example, if your company experiences a data leak and your electronic access control system only logs one person’s credentials accessing your data room the day of the incident, that person is likely the culprit.

3. Regular Equipment Inspections


It’s crucial for your employees to have the proper tools and equipment to do their jobs safely. Whether you work in a manufacturing plant or an office building, ill-equipped employees are a recipe for disaster. Therefore, not only do companies need to ensure employees have these tools and pieces of equipment to work safely, but they also need to ensure these items are functioning correctly and in good condition.

At first glance, many professionals will assume this topic is geared primarily toward industrial tools and equipment. However, safe tools and equipment apply to clerical positions as well. Poorly maintained office equipment will only lead to workplace injuries, such as faulty chairs and desks that could break and cause harm. Even a malfunctioning copier can be dangerous, leading to a fire. Therefore, it’s imperative to ensure that all work tools and equipment are adequately cleaned, maintained, and inspected regularly.

Keep It Safe

Remember to include threat management software, electronic access control, and regular equipment inspections in your workplace safety routine. These three factors can save your employees and your company.

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