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Stratics Networks Announces New Bulk SMS Feature

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Stratics Networks’ Bulk SMS allows a simple, results-driven deployment of an SMS campaign.

Huntsville, AL, December 12, 2019—Stratics Networks, the leading provider of cloud communications, the inventors of Ringless Voicemail, and the pioneers of IVR Polling, is proud to announce we are rolling out a new Bulk SMS feature.



Text messages that include calls to action and backlinks to your company are an effective way to engage with new customers and share news with loyal clientele. The key to marketing has always been to connect with people where they are, and people today are on their phones. Our Bulk SMS feature will enable you to get your message out to customers on a medium where they’re guaranteed to see it—their smartphone.

The more targeted your marketing campaigns are, the more likely they are to yield positive results. Bulk SMS campaigns are a great way to let new and existing customers know about upcoming deals and products. This feature can do wonders for your customer relations.

“Getting the right information, to the right people, at the right time is absolutely crucial…” said Stratics’ Director of Communications, Chris Collins.

Bulk SMS is an effective marketing strategy. People open over 90% of marketing messages sent via text message, versus only .04% sent by email. This in mind, Stratics Networks’ Bulk SMS feature can revolutionize your customer relations and increase consumer loyalty.

About Stratics Networks: Stratics Networks is a US & Canadian-based SaaS company, the inventor of Ringless Voicemail and the leader in telephony products: PrecisePoll™, Voice Broadcasting, and Virtual TownHall software. For more information about Stratics Networks, please visit www.straticsnetworks.com.

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