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7 Educational TV Shows for Kids

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Whoever said that self-isolation would be perfect for getting things done certainly doesn’t have children. With raising children being as hard as it is, imagine being with them 24/7 when there’s a multitude of tasks on standby.

While parents need alone time to focus, the kids still need entertainment and education until mom and dad are “back from work.” Hence the need to tackle a topic a lot of parents aren’t fond of, which is increased screen time. Since 40 percent of young kids in the United States are familiar with iPads, there should be strict guidelines around how much time they’re allowed per day. But the question is: How do you make sure you’re not being a “bad parent” by giving your children more time to watch shows?

The solution is to get them acquainted with educational TV shows that make them laugh, but can still learn a lot from. Below are seven suggestions of educational shows your kids will love (you might even remember some of them!).


Dora The Explorer


For many kids, this show was their first contact ever with the Spanish language. Dora has a fun way of teaching your kid a second language by exploring extraordinary new places with the help of her monkey friend, Boots.


High Five (Hi-5)

Hi-5 is a super fun team that performs in a way that makes it hard not to dance and sing along. With lots of energetic choreography, this show entertains kids by sparking their interest in exploring the world through movement and music.


Sesame Street

Let’s not forget the oldies! There’s more than one reason why Sesame Street is world-renowned and loved by people of all ages: its fantastic characters teach everything from different colors to the alphabet in a memorable way.


Ask The Storybots

Ask The StoryBots is available on Netflix, and it’s ideal to answer questions parents usually can’t, such as “Where do planets come from?” Don’t worry—you can leave the answers to the colorful, animated little quintet.


The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That

The Cat in the Hat is a remarkable character by Dr. Seuss who’s a favorite of children and adults alike. In this show, Nick and Sally have The Cat in The Hat as their travel guide to explore everything from the wilderness to the bottom of the ocean.


Sid the Science Kid

An aspiring stand-up comedian, Sid has a lot of questions he seeks to answer throughout his fun-filled day, which consists of going to school and spending time with his family.


Dinosaur Train

Which kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? Take yours aboard the Dinosaur Train for fun lessons on paleontology. Available on Netflix, this show will teach children what that era was like, as well as the types of dinosaurs that inhabited the earth.

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