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Tips for Relocating Your Salon

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Relocating can be a daunting task even for business owners. Lots of stress comes with packing and managing a moving agency. Doing it as a salon owner can be even more stressful, especially if you have lots of furniture and fragile tools like manicure trays and hair dryers. Salon owners may need a significant lead time to ensure things don’t spiral out of control during the moving process. If you’re unsure where to start, here are some tips to help you relocate your salon.

Pack with care.


Packing can be the most frustrating stage of the entire relocation plan. There’s no laid-down process to follow in packing your items; however, grouping things based on their similarities is a good idea and will make retrieving items easier when you arrive at your new location.

For instance, custom accessories can go in containers and can be stored in one section of the van, while more oversized items like pedicure spas and chairs can go in a separate area. Also, when packing fragile goods, remember to handle them with care. You can reduce the risk of breakage by using the right packing materials. No doubt, the storage materials also matter greatly. So try to keep your gorgeous nails and wax materials in secured containers and ensure to keep them above any heavy load.

Hire reliable moving partners.

Moving your business to a new location can be a grueling experience, especially if you’re shouldering the driver’s responsibility.

Outsourcing the job to professional moving agencies is a much better option. The benefits of using reliable moving partners for the salon’s relocation efforts are numerous. For instance, moving items in a cargo van gives you the freedom to transport many things at a time.

The weight of the vehicle in transporting heavy items over a long distance also matters. That’s why many transportation agencies use trailers with significant load capacity. Those vehicles can be a much better option than moving things with your car.

Besides using a rental van, you may need to secure temporary storage spaces if your new location isn’t in the best shape to receive all your items. A temporary storage unit can also help you move your items in bits, so you don’t deal with cluttered environments as you unpack

Inform your customers.

Customers play an essential role in your relocation process, and moving will disrupt both yours and their schedules, and you’ll need all the tolerance your customers can give. Therefore, informing your customers before your final move day is vital to understanding your situation. Doing it right will tempt existing clients to figure out new of accessing your services from your new location.

There are several ways to notify your clients of your moving decision, but it’s always best to reach them via your multiple social media channels and inform them several weeks ahead of the move day. Many of them may have questions and uncertainties, so telling them earlier allows you to manage all customer expectations ensuring you are all on the same page.

Plan your transition.


Relocating your salon can feel like starting a new business. A lot will depend on the distance between the old and new destinations. The farther away from your old salon’s location, the harder it might be to establish your salon. Therefore, it pays to map out a growth strategy for your new location. Before that, research your new location’s competitive environment and understand the new market.

Knowing the new location’s competitive landscape and target market can help you develop efficient strategies to put you ahead of new customers. You can also consider hiring technicians from the new location who can help you break the ice in the new market affording you a smooth transitioning.

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