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3 Vow Renewal Ideas

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When it comes to keeping a marriage strong, renewing wedding vows is a sure way to breathe new life into the relationship. Just like first-time weddings, there is no right or wrong way for couples to reaffirm their commitment to one another. Some couples have quiet renewal ceremonies for just the two of them while others mark the occasion with a festive party, and then there are others who decide to run off for a luxurious destination event.

According to the CDC, the divorce rate in the United States is 3.2 per 1,000 people, but the rate decreased by 18% between 2008 and 2016. Could that be because people who are married are making greater efforts to stay together? The fact remains that more and more couples who have remained together are finding ways to celebrate and strengthen their relationship in a variety of ways with the help of recommitment parties and events, representing a growing market for wedding products and service professionals. Here are a few ideas for making vow renewal celebrations fun and romantic.


Get Matching Vow-Renewal Keepsakes

It only seems fitting that a vow renewal ceremony includes a meaningful and heartfelt keepsake in quite a similar way as a wedding does.  After all, whether recommitting oneself after two years or fifty, marking the momentous event with a significant memento for each person is the perfect way to mark the occasion. Most folks are familiar with the expression, “a diamond is forever,” and today the options and price points for a unique representation of love are abounding.

In fact, the world of simulated diamonds has come a long way with the availability of incredibly flawless quality at a substantially lower cost. Whether it’s matching “vow renewal” rings, bracelets, or other jewelry remembrances, today’s simulated diamond jewelry is a great choice for the budget conscious, those worried about losing or traveling with their authentic counterparts, or for individuals desiring the convenience of purchasing online. Customer satisfaction appears to be extremely high as well. According to Agape Diamonds reviews, customers give four and five star ratings with equally positive comments.


Include Commemorative Items from Your Wedding Day

If the occasion involves food and drink, the day can be made extra special by incorporating commemorative items as part of the celebration.  For example, instead of just any old ordinary wine, the festivities can be made more fun by exclusively serving vintage bottles from the wedding year. Local liquor store personnel or the party venue catering manager can assist in fulfilling wine requirements. Other eye catching ideas are thank you’s with “before” wedding day photos and “after” vow renewal photos, cd party favors with music that was popular the year of your wedding, a video loop of your wedding video, and newsworthy trivia cards at each place setting.


Have Your Children Officiate or Walk You Down the Aisle

Whether they are toddlers or parents themselves, a vow-renewal ceremony is very much a family affair, so involving your children and grandchildren will make the event that much more memorable. Considering that this ceremony will not be legally binding, there are no official rules regarding who you can ask to officiate and lead the ceremony, leaving the role open for your offspring or theirs.

Plus, vow renewal ceremonies are generally a bit more relaxed than actual weddings and for that reason, pull out all the stops and make your fur baby part of the day. Honor him or her with the role of “best dog” or “cat of honor.”  Approximately 44% of all households in the United States have a dog, and 35% have a cat according to American Pet Products Association, there’s no question that fido would be a beloved addition to the celebration.

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