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The Basics of Criminal Law in Calgary

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If you or someone you know has been charged with a crime, it’s vital to understand the basics of criminal law. The basics include understanding the different types of crimes, how to hire a criminal lawyer in Calgary, the criminal justice process, and sentencing options. Keep reading to learn more about criminal law in Calgary.

Different Types of Crimes

Crime is an unfortunate part of society, but it’s necessary for law enforcement and justice agencies to have an understanding of the different types of crime to properly investigate and prosecute offences. In Calgary, there are several different crime categories that law enforcement and justice agencies must deal with on a regular basis. Some of the most common crime categories in Calgary include:

  • Violent crime: Violent crime is any crime in which the offender uses or threatens to use violence against the victim. Common examples of violent crime in Calgary include assault, robbery, and homicide.
  • Property crime: Property crime is any crime in which the offender targets or steals property from the victim. Some examples of property crime in Calgary include burglary, theft, and vandalism.
  • Drug crime: Drug crime is a type of crime that involves the possession, use, or sale of illegal drugs. Typical examples of drug crime in Calgary include drug possession or drug trafficking.
  • Public order crime: Public order crime includes any crime that disrupts the normal functioning of society. A few examples of public order crime include graffiti, vandalism, and causing a disturbance.

The Role of Criminal Lawyers


Criminal lawyers in Calgary play a critical role in the criminal justice system. They provide legal representation to individuals who have been charged with a criminal offence and work to protect their rights and interests. Criminal defence lawyers also work to negotiate plea agreements with prosecutors and represent their clients in court. Criminal lawyers have a great deal of knowledge and experience when it comes to criminal law, and are able to provide valuable legal advice and guidance to their clients. Moreover, criminal defence lawyers work to negotiate a fair and favourable outcome in cases where a plea agreement is not possible. If you’re facing criminal charges, it’s crucial to have a criminal lawyer who can represent your interests and help you get the best possible outcome in your case.

The Criminal Justice Process

The criminal justice system in Canada is made up of several different parts that work together to prosecute criminals and ensure that they’re held accountable for their actions. This system includes police forces, courts, and correctional facilities.

The police in Canada are responsible for investigating crimes and arresting suspects. They collect evidence and interview witnesses to build a case against the suspect. Once the police have enough evidence to make an arrest, they’ll take the suspect into custody.

The courts are responsible for hearing criminal cases and issuing judgements. The court system in Canada is divided into two levels which include provincial courts and superior courts. Provincial courts hear the majority of criminal cases in Canada, while superior courts hear more serious offences.

Finally, the correctional system is responsible for incarcerating criminals and supervising them while they’re in prison. The system also provides rehabilitation and treatment programs for criminals who are released from prison.

Sentencing Options


When it comes to sentencing options, the Criminal Code of Canada allows for a variety of different penalties. The Crown prosecutor will typically present their recommendation to the court, and the judge will then decide on an appropriate sentence. There are three main types of sentences and they include imprisonment, fines, and probation. Imprisonment is usually reserved for more serious offences, while fines and probation are more commonly used for less serious crimes. In some cases, a combination of different sentences may be imposed.

Understanding Criminal Law in Canada

Overall, this guide explains the basics of criminal law in Calgary. It’s essential for anyone facing criminal charges in Canada to have a basic understanding of criminal law and the legal process in Calgary, Canada. Now that you’re more familiar with Canada’s criminal justice system, you can better prepare for your or your loved one’s case.

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