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How a Fully Remote Call Center Can Benefit Your Company

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A call center is an essential business tool for providing quality customer support. Since the early days of mass business operations, customer support agents have answered inquiries and resolved customer issues over the phone. Today, the customer experience is more important than ever, and contact center agents facilitate sales, resolve issues, and handle a large volume of calls each day. However, due to innovation and technological advancements, the customer support landscape has changed. As a result, companies must adapt to multi-channel operations and updated call center technology.

With increasing demands and newer technology, call center operations have become more advanced, but they have also become more expensive. In addition to costs, call centers also require a lot of time and effort to staff and operate. As a result, many companies are reimagining the traditional contact center by investing in new software and capabilities. Many forward-thinking businesses have done away with the traditional center and installed a fully remote call center.

Given the importance of customer service in today’s business market, companies must provide quality support while finding innovative call center software solutions. Let’s look at how remote call center agents benefit business operations.

Expanded Customer Support Opportunities


In order for companies to remain successful, it is imperative that operations adapt to the changing demands of customer service expectations. Customers want to be able to get support when they need it, and call center software solutions can provide the operational flexibility to allow your business to offer expanded service and support. With remote agents working across a vast network of home offices, customer support can be received without regard to time zones or traditional business hours. As a result, your business could offer 24-hour customer support with remote call center agents. Additionally, artificial technology bots can handle many low-level inquiries to provide support on weekends or holidays when operations are closed.

With advanced software technology, you can also offer customer support across multiple communication channels. In addition to phone calls, companies are now offering support through live chats, SMS, email, social media, and other methods. Virtual call center software can allow for the integration of multiple business tools and communication channels.

Reduced Business Costs


Traditional call centers require a lot of resources, from human capital to financial investments. With a fully virtual call center, your business can reduce the cost associated with large central spaces, equipment, utilities, and other expenses. Since web-based call center technology allows agents to connect with a simple internet connection, there is no need to invest in expensive technology and devices. Additionally, software providers usually offer system maintenance and updates as part of the subscription. Even with the small upfront cost of purchasing software and making the shift to a remote center, it is estimated that businesses can save around 30 percent or more on remote customer support operations.

Improved Productivity


A virtual call center solution can help your business improve its overall productivity. With traditional setups, center agents must answer each inbound call and work to troubleshoot the issue and route the customer to the appropriate location. Call center software uses system prompts and automated operators to try to resolve customer calls. If the program determines the customer needs a live agent, the call can be redirected to the appropriate department or representative. These systems increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

As technology and innovation adapt to the changing business demands, everything from manufacturing to hiring processes has undergone a new revolution. Customer support is no exception to these changes. Today, many businesses are leveraging the power of the remote workforce to offer improved customer service at a reduced operational cost. Call center software can improve productivity and create more opportunities for quality customer interactions.

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