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A Guide to the 6666 Angel Number Meaning

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Some people have heard of angel numbers but don’t quite understand the deeper meanings of each common number; others aren’t familiar with the concept at all. However, knowing these meanings can teach you not just what these recurring sets of numbers mean but also how to interpret the meanings and apply them to your life.

From the mundane numbers and their duplicates, known as master numbers, to angel numbers and those of the nine divine orders, these repeated numbers can tell a person far more than the average human being might realize.

What are angel numbers?


Within the study of numerology, angel numbers are triples of the mundane numbers (one through nine). There are also nine Orders, or the quadruples of those same numbers. Each of the angel numbers is matched with an archangel while each quadruplicity is associated with an angelic order. Within similar concepts, you may turn to numerology to interpret your birth name and birth date numbers, further connecting the individual to the divine and to the spiritual realm. In addition, your birth date number depicts the individual as part of a collective—according to the UN, approximately 250 babies are born per minute, ensuring a group will share your birth date.

How do angelic orders work?


In determining the meanings of angel numbers and angelic order numbers, you’ll come across references to the nine Orders, or groups of angels ranked in terms of their proximity to the divine. For instance, the number 1111 is associated with an individual’s guardian angels, the closest order to humanity and furthest from God. On the opposite end of this spectrum, the number 9999 is that of Seraphim, the highest order of the angels who interact directly with God. In between, there are seven other orders, marking the Archangels, the Principalities, the Powers, the Virtues, the Dominions, the Thrones, and the Cherubim, each growing closer to God and the divine.

What does the angel number 6666 mean?

The 6666 angel number meaning, then, applies to these quadruplicities; in this case, that of the sixth order from humans and fourth from God, the Dominions. This order is high enough amongst the angels—high enough on the food chain, so to speak—that they rarely interact with humans directly, delegating to the lower orders instead. The domains of the dominions of angels include those of mercy, choice, consequence, and leadership, including those lower orders of angels.

How do you take action inspired by this angel number?


The appearance of the Dominions in this angelic order is related energetically to issues involving management and leadership. Like the angels of this order themselves, you might consider the areas where you have dominion and over whom, as well as those who have that same authority over you. Ask yourself: How can you develop justice for the world, even if you must do so without recognition?

In practice, the domains of this order bring a balance of truth and love. These angels offer energy to the leaders and judges of the material realm, bolstering the positive energy of the compassionate leaders who offer examples of integrity and grace. By guiding the lesser angels of lower orders, the Dominions execute the plans of God—of divinity—acting almost like heaven’s middle managers to keep things running smoothly. You may channel similar energy in your own leadership roles, executing larger-scale efforts through those you manage, or in responding to your own managers.

If you lead a group or report to a leader, the Dominion order of angels offers guidance and inspiration, example and ideal. Draw upon these angels and their energies, whether through the angelic order number 6666 or another source of connection, to watch these partnerships thrive.

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