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Starting a Franchise in Colorado: Steps to Ready Your Building for Business

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If you’re looking to start a franchise and live in the Colorado area, there are plenty of options to consider. Many Coloradans are supportive of small business owners and the chances are high that with a little research you can find a niche that people living in your neighborhood are missing out on. That being said, some of the best franchises for veterans offer steep discounts on their start-up costs, meaning that if you served in the military it may be worth paying a little more attention to these sorts of franchises as you plan your launch.


The UPS Store is one such franchise that offers great opportunities for Colorado veterans, offering hundreds of thousands of incentives. When you start a UPS Store franchise as a veteran, you gain access to all sorts of benefits, from waived franchise fees to the ability to capitalize on the skills of teamwork, leadership, and hard work that the military fostered in you. That being said, the building you choose to set up your UPS Store in may have some exterior and interior problems after a long Denver winter. Here are just a few ways to get your business ready to open.


Fix hail damage on your roof as soon as possible.


If you live in Denver, one of the most common problems any business lease or commercial property will face is damage from inclement weather. Hail, for example, can cause serious issues to your roof. These complications could cause serious problems further down the line, such as leaks or cracked vinyl. Larger hail could even puncture your roof—which will only get worse if the roof itself hasn’t been maintained well.


Clearly, with so much riding on the well-being of your business’ rooftop, it’s in your best interest to find a Denver roof repair company that can come out and assess the damage. While roofs don’t have to be replaced incredibly frequently, getting your roof inspected and any damages addressed sooner rather than later can save you a lot of money later down the line. Finding a reliable company like Metro City Roofing can help you get the job done in an affordable manner, allowing you to have the peace of mind you need to focus on starting your business.


Get all electrical wiring and plumbing inspected.

Once you’ve addressed any exterior problems with the roofing of your building, you’ll want to put your attention towards the interior of the business space. Before you move in all of your shipping equipment, build counters for cashiers, install shelves for different products, and hang signage, it’s a good idea to take a look at the plumbing and electrical wiring in the building. Doing this before you’ve fully moved in can give you more space and time to get these issues addressed if anything bad turns up. The last thing you want is to notice that there’s a pipe linking or a faulty wire when you’ve already brought in valuable equipment. Thankfully, there are several Denver-area electricians and plumbers who can help fix up any problems the building may have.


Clean things up and put on a fresh coat of paint.

After you’ve ensured that the bones of your commercial property are in good and proper working order, you’ll want to clean up and freshen things up. Even if the building was cleaned prior to your leasing it, it never hurts to vacuum, wipe down walls and windows, and do a little dusting, especially if it’s been a while since the building was last occupied. Before decorating with the items you’ll receive in your franchisee supplies, make sure to give everything a fresh coat of paint, so it really looks new. Once you’ve completed these tasks, you’ll be ready to open for business.

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